Testimonials of Readers of Eatin' After Eden

"My wife, a RN specialist, had femur removed due to cancer and was in a wheelchair. She was eating vegan due to chemo. After following the Eatin' After Eden principles as explained to her by Dr. Zook, two weeks later my wife surprised me by walking into my shop!" David L., Master Tailor

"Congratulations on one of the most important books ever written for this end time! You have given us essential truths from God's Word and nutrition science that many don't have…Thanks for your time, experience, and expertise." John P. Rothacker, DDS

"Dad dropped dead of a heart attack at age 54. Two uncles also at early ages, as well as my younger brother. Mom too had heart disease....I was 52 and didn't want to leave my four year old boy prematurely. That was 18 years ago when I asked for your help with my doctor’s conventional diet that had me headed in the same direction. Our [corporate] insurance agent was very pleased to inform me that based upon all my medical tests and overall condition, they have given me an Elite Plus rating…She said that in 15 years of being an agent she had never had any male in my age category come even close to this... that they wish to hear what I have to say in regards to nutrition, exercise, etc. I told her to buy your book, Eatin' After Eden. I have you to thank for my knowledge, my health, and the health of my family...My physician said, “Keep on with that diet and exercise!" Follow up: 2022 - 18 years later My son is doing just great {as is his dad]. He is finishing up his last year at OSU (Oregon State University] with an accounting degree. He's a strong and fine 22 year old [his dad a strong and fine 70 year old!] and is the product of the knowledge and teachings you so graciously gave to his dad! Your teachings continue to be more and more relevant. We continue to practice what you taught me years ago." Bob VanDeusen

"I am grateful for your giving your life to save others'. I know stress and diet are big issues in our lives. Many people have never been taught the very things you are saying for health. Bless you!" Larry & Linda

"Congrats on your website! It's sooo interesting, and I read the very healthy recipes. And congratulations on all the studies and academic preparation you have done." Ecuador. Marcos C.

"I suffered cancer of the femur bone, followed by chemotherapy, and had to leave my high- level nursing position. During the chemo I could consume only a vegan diet and could not get off it after the treatments though I much wished to. I was in a wheel chair when I attended one of Dr. Zook's seminars. I called her afterwards and she told me she was not accepting new clients but agreed to try to get me back on a restorative diet including small amount of beef liver and other quality protein. She carefully guided me with health-building whole foods so that my body began healing itself! Furthermore, Dr. Zook charged not a penny for her incredible service. In just two weeks I surprised my husband at his store when I opened the door and walked in, sans the wheelchair! Dr. Zook will forever remain our heroin as our lives have returned to normal, and I too am able to reach out to those who need my help." RN

"Thank you for giving your life to save others'--now and eternally." Len and Linda, US

"Such priceless knowledge is worth every dime we paid to ship this treasure here. We hope it will be translated to Spanish soon!" AL, ECUADOR

"I recently finished your book Eatin After Eden...You made several references to your "Heavenly Father.” I was wondering if you would share your faith with me. How do you know God?...Also would be interested to know of other books you may write or have written." Mike, nuclear scientist

"Thank you for this website! Like M and W here, it answers some important questions for me that no one else has addressed during the years I have searched." CG - INDIA

"We were so happy to be able to order a copy of this work while in the US so as to get it sooner! We read it right away and are sharing it with a relative. It answers some important questions I have had, not addressed elsewhere." Maria and Glen, CANADA

"Dr. Zook! Thank you for your encouragement. You are a gift from God!" MS

"Dr. Zook, the subject of warfarin [AKA Coumadin, etc.] you mentioned caught my eye. I have a nutrition oriented friend who takes enormous amounts of magnesium with warfarin for heart problems. He will be very interested, like in life-saving interested, in this. You probably saved my friend's life. Thank you! (Researcher)" GE

"Regarding fructose linked, non-alcoholic related, fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in our children and adolescents, if there was only a copy of your book in each classroom in the US the suffering would be dramatically cut! The truth needs to be told! I knew the situation was bad, but this information shows just how bad it is." BVD

"Regarding your article about the Paleo Diet, loved this!!! So well written and understandable. Will pass it on to others." EMcM

"I have read every word of the website! Great work! But then, I expected no less...Excellent, easy to navigate and very informative. Good Job!" FG

"Regarding the exposure of bribed researchers putting forth studies that fats cause heart disease when in fact sugar is a major culprit: Thank goodness for your work for all of these years! Can't imagine how much less suffering could have occurred had they listened to you! I am grateful for all I learned with you, and as I have stated before, you not only taught me proper nutrition, but also how to think and question the "health" information available today." BV

"These days there is much misinformation concerning diet. God does not suspend His laws of nutrition and health for people who presumptuously disobey them even as Jesus Christ did not presumptuously jump off the temple at Satan's bidding, expecting the Father's angels to catch Him. He was our example. Neither should we expect our Father to suspend the laws of nutrition for us, anymore than we would expect Him to suspend the laws of gravity, when we are presumptuous, reckless, or lazy. This book will help us all to discover these crucial laws of nutrition so that we can give our best to Him, and to those who need us. I will indeed recommend it to my church, in my newsletter, and to others." JF

"As the daughter-in-law of a 76 year old FORMER invalid, it was a special blessing last month when Dr. Zook called Mom upon my request. Mom had a long list of profound health challenges she had suffered for years, and was barely eating at all as she could not tolerate anything much.

Among her problems was severe rheumatoid arthritis. She has knee and hip replacements, was barely able to walk even with a cane. She was bed ridden most of the time.

For lunch she had only a banana for potassium her MD doctor said she should have. She couldn't tolerate anything more but a candy bar with the banana!

After just a couple of months working with Dr. Zook and off processed, refined foods and on whole ones, digestive enzymes, other whole-food nutritional supplements, and lots of water for dehydration, Mom and our family were so thrilled with her improved levels of energy and much less pain.

She is now able to sleep well and walk without a cane! She walked down to the local beauty shop all by herself recently; something she had not been able to do for a very long time because her legs had been so swollen. I used to massage them every evening after work.

Mom has been under her doctor's care for years. Just a few weeks after she began to work with Dr. Zook to improve her diet, he examined Mom and looked at her blood tests and said, "Whatever Dr. Zook has you doing, keep it up!"

If a couple of months of conscientiously following this protocol can so improve the quality of life for someone with such major disabilities after 50 years on the S.A.D., only proves what the body can do for itself when the toxins are discontinued and it is given what it needs to heal itself, even in old age, as Dr. Zook says." VL

"I read ED's testimony here. I would like to add that it's not only that we may suffer for years before we die if we don't give our bodies what they need to heal themselves and maintain that as you say, but we have no right to dump garbage in God's temple, "whose temple you are," His Word clearly tells us." JW

"If only I had read this book years ago before I abused my health with so many non-foods. I used to say, like many others, "Everybody's got to die from something!" But people don't know how much needless suffering that can bring for years BEFORE they die as you have alerted us. Still even now I find your teaching very encouraging because it is not too late to restore my health at least to a significant level. Thank you for the countless years you have spent in research, learning, and walking it out for so many others. What a godsend!" ED

"Though I am very busy, I could not put this book down once I began reading. I literally read it all day! The chapters about veganism and vegetarianism were especially helpful to me." LW

"Dad dropped dead of a heart attack at age 54. Two uncles also at early ages. Mom too has heart disease....I am 52 and didn't want to leave my boy prematurely…Our [corporate] insurance agent was very pleased to inform me that based upon all my medical tests and overall condition, they have given me an Elite Plus rating…She said that in 15 years of being an agent she has never had any male in my age category come even close to this... that they wish to hear what I have to say in regards to nutrition, exercise, etc. I told her to buy your book, Eatin' After Eden. I have you to thank for my knowledge, my health, and the health of my family...My physician, who has been monitoring my cholesterol, said, 'Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!'" BVD

"The info in your book saved my life and gave me 15 extra years [so that she was still able at age 93 to enjoy her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren who need the godly wisdom of seniors]." CPW

"I didn't think I was eating that much 'industrialized food' until I learned about God's real food and true science. Eating as you explain it I have lost weight - 10 pounds! It's not quick weight loss that is not healthy for me, but steady losing as I become more healthy. Thank you so much for your balanced teaching for the whole person, and for taking the time to research and write this book for the whole world." CM

"If only such a book had been available during my seven years as a struggling vegan on 'God's Ideal Diet.' It would have been more valuable to me than any amount of gold." GW

"Very hard to sum up your book. Each chapter is worth a book alone, and read together it has a synergistic effect greatly enhancing health. EAE is true health care! We are living proof. We are all healthy. Son John had a dental cleaning yesterday. DDS said to allow for half hour; I told [my wife] we would be out in 15 minutes, and so it was. Not one dental cavity, little plaque, a quick floss and polish and we were out the door. They were pushing hard on me for dental sealants, and fluoride treatment. I said 'No' to both, I mentioned that he has no need of them. (I would think that this is evident, and that it is his diet of whole foods that provides for him. [All whole foods diets are not the same.]) I recommended Eatin' After Eden, but I think my message fell on deaf ears. They are blind to how simple the truth is! Thanks for everything you do. I continue to pass on what you have taught me. Some are willing to hear, others are not." BV

"I think your book is light in this dark world, and people need to know about it." JB

"I hope that future readers will be illuminated by God's revelation contained within your book." PR

"Your teachings to me have been priceless, and your nutritional information is the 'gold standard' by which I judge all other information I see. If it does not conform to what you have taught me, I throw it out! Plain and simple." RV