Experts believe arthritis is in large part a metabolic problem in which the body lacks sufficient balance and biochemical activity to properly distribute minerals, especially calcium. It is associated with hypothyroidism and allergies. For real improvement, metabolic order is necessary. Whole-foods supplements play a large part in that function.
Dr. Bruce West found that arthritis in general is a "cooked food disease," that "most arthritis sufferers consume huge quantitites of cooked, processed (dead) foods," and only miniscule amounts of raw foods. These patients also have pain-causing food allergies.Plant enzymes to help digest food can help avoid food allergies and blood antigens.Weight-bearing joint replacements have been related to candidiasis. The knees are especially, frequently affected (Fungal Arthritis, Scandinavian Journal of Rheumatology, 1995:24-248-250).
Francis M. Potenger, MD, subjected cats to a mostly cooked foods diet. All the experiments over time showed the same pattern of results: dental caries followed by arthritis and ultimately death. It is our cooked, nutrient-deficient, toxic chemical-rich diet that is the primary cause of this affliction, proved researcher Weston Price, DMD. Nothing short of the 50-60% raw foods diet found with the disease-free peoples he visited round the globe, can turn it around, he said. That percentage should not be engaged in immediately. It must be gradually and carefully assumed, but without delay, and continued for life, as tolerated. (Hypothyroid patients should lightly steam the cabbage family vegetables. Raw nuts, beans and seeds contain enzyme inhibitors, they should be lightly roasted or soaked overnight, and eaten with enzymes regardless.)
Two quarts/day of pure water is critical for arthritis. Inorganic minerals from tap water can exacerbate the condition. A small "tea" bag of Ericsson's Coral Calcium with trace minerals, unlike others, requires no stomach acid to be ionized for utilization. It is instantly ionized in water.
Often physical therapy, ultrasound, DMSO and such localized therapy is ordered. But if we get blood to the joint and the blood carries toxins and is lacking adequate nutrients (due to diet, digestion, or absorption) to heal the damaged tissues, the therapy will not succeed. The cause remains year after year, wreaking havoc.
Before you can fully benefit from the diet, you must take care of the constipated bowel. We recommend the Acu-Trol program for that. A sluggish liver almost always accompanies arthritis. Such a liver allows toxins from the bowel, envirotoxins, et al, to be released into the blood, affecting the entire body. Dead foods stress the liver; low thyroid causes constipation with resulting body toxins.The alkaline nature of one such toxin, guanidine, can cause calcium to precipitate out and crystallize into  joints, causing arthritis, according to  Bruce West, ND. Consuming processed foods thwarts proper acid-alkaline balance in the body, of crucial importance in achieving wellness.
Those who are constipated and lack energy often are acidic. (The number of stools/day is not the sole factor in this consideration but also years of accumulated waste and encrusted intestinal lining. A tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with meals may be helpful. (If the vinegar solution makes you feel worse, discontinue it and continue with raw foods for at least half of each meal, as tolerated with plant enzymes.)
Those affected know that dealing with arthritis is not easy. There are no "quick fixes." Our aim is not to treat symptoms but to help you increase your overall level of wellness. If you are to make progress you must begin with removing systemic toxins which arise in the bowel. That means achieving good bowel function (without depending upon laxatives or extra magnesium for this), then liver and blood cleansing. There are some good natural modalities for these. Such cleansing of the "temple" should begin with a good colon cleanse.
You can assist liver cleansing with a beet formula including one cup shredded raw beets, 2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil and juice of one-half  lemon. A couple of Tbsp. of this three times/day for a month, plus fiber and lots of pure water will help flush the liver and cleanse the bowel. (Food fiber alone addresses "current events" but does little for history.) This additional detoxing of the liver helps free it to perform its detoxing duties, in bringing about improvement in levels of wellness and pain. We also can use BetaFood in those instances where raw beets, olive oil and lemon juice are not well tolerated or disliked, or if chewing is a problem.
Where hypertension is not involved, after a month of cleansing we like to begin Cataplex B for stronger bowel function and needed nutrients for muscles and joints.Betacol, a special liver detoxifier is added for its Wulzen anti-stiffness factor, named for Dr. Wulzen (University of OR) who discovered it. It also helps detox the liver and keep bile thin (necessary when cleansing the liver, for soft stools, fat digestion, and much more).
Improved wellness requires fresh, whole foods. But what you don't eat is as important as what you do. You must greatly decrease or eliminate entirely all commercially processed foods except for a few you will learn about in Eatin' After Eden. Aslo tobacco and alcohol if these are being used. Joint pain of any type often responds to the elimination of cooked dairy products. Try this for several weeks and see for yourself what a difference this can make. It can be critical for improvement of symptoms.
Probably you have heard that the nightshades vegetables can worsen arthritic pain; e.g., tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, and eggplant. Some people are not bothered by everyone of these though you may want to avoid them all for at least the next few months while launching your wellness program. We have had good success with the following nutritional supplements and others, some or all of which you may need:
GLUCOSAMINE HCl, naturally found in joints, can be very helpful for arthritis. Studies show this nutrient promotes regeneration of damaged cartilage. The HCl type of glucosamine requires much less of this supplement.
Chickweed: This can be especially helpful with arthritis, inflammation, constipation, obesity, and dissolving plaque and fatty substances in the system (as well as a natural diuretic with hypertension, and an appetite suppressant). It is rich in nutrients.
Althea offinalis (Marshmallow): Our clients find this to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant for joints and the GI tract. High in Vit. A and zinc, it is also helpful for urinary infections, kidney and liver.
Feverfew: This is another very effective, natural anti-inflammatory for arthritis and pain, dizziness and for circulation to the brain. More effective than NSAIDS, it inhibits release of harmful substances which cause terrible pain in affected joints. It too contains many nutrients.
Ginger: The powerful Jamaican variety has been shown to work better than NSAIDS and aspirin with none of the adverse effects of the drugs, e.g. ulcers, hemorrhaging, immune supp.
Coral calcium, Vegesil, mg. lactate, and Vit. D provide essential, quickly assimilated calcium and nutrients required for its utilization.
Vit. B6-Niacinamide (SPL) Often deficient in arthritics according to John Ellis, MD, helps with stiffness.
Thyroid Concentrate (if needed). Low thyroid causes constipation that produces toxins that ultimately contribute to arthritis.
These natural modalities have no side effects and contain a plethora of easily absorbed nutrients. Assimable calcium, adequate Vit. D, et al are also vital.

This information is provided for educational purposes only. If you have a medical condition, please see a qualified, experienced practitioner. No health claims are made by Dr. Zook for her counsel or for any nutritional supplement.