Meal Planning and Sample Menu for a Day

    "If it tastes good spit it out!"  Is that your understanding of eating healthy? That's not so with the Creator's properly prepared, fresh, whole foods. The nutrient-dense meal plans found in Dr. Sylvia's latest book, Eatin' After Eden, will enable you to create gourmet delights using her recipes, several of which are included here.
     Additionally, her latest book goes far beyond recipes to provide life-sustaining knowledge. That can be as simple as quickly teaching you how you can convert thousands of not-so-healthy recipes into some that are very beneficial. And you won't need to sacrifice a bit of tastiness or give up all your family favorites. Just a bit of adaptation may be all that's needed. (Candidly, some recipes have no redeeming value.)
     In the Chunky Chicken and Lentils Delight recipe we replaced unhealthy, highly processed vegetable oils with extra virgin olive oil; nutrientless water with nutritious broth; and pasta with lentils. We also replaced unhealthy supermarket salt with sea salt.
      After trying a few examples here and with the instructions in the book you may expect your family to resume eating together around the table at home for enhanced relationships, increased wellness levels, and stretching food funds. Couldn't we all do with more of these in this day of non-communication, illnesses, and tight budgets?

The following menu provides approximately 60-70 grams of complete protein for one day, healthy fats, and comparatively low carbs, with amounts to be adjusted as needed. Essential fatty acids as explained in Eatin' After Eden, and appropriate whole foods concentrates (dehydrated food supplements), with digestive enzymes, are also recommended (see whole foods nutritionist or naturopathic physician. Raw foods have digestive enzymes for their digestion). However, this menu supplies good amounts of the macronutrients, trace minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals if eaten as organically grown and grass fed.


2 eggs - cook over-easy or lightly scramble; top with raw salsa

1 slice warmed, buttered, sprouted sourdough or Ezekial bread

Beef sausage – Grass-fed, no sugar, nitrates, etc. (write us for source suggestion)

1 cup homemade yogurt - 400 mg. calcium, 12 g. quality protein) 

Approximately 30 g. quality protein to start the day and continuing in lasting energy.


Fiesta Salad: Layer torn Romaine lettuce and raw spinach with chopped red bell pepper, ½ cubed, firm avocado; ½ cup warm black beans; then sprinkle with 1 Tbsp. green pumpkin seeds, and 1 ounce shredded raw cheese. Add a dollop of real sour cream, and top with raw salsa. (This recipe may be doubled for additional servings.) Purchase all from a natural foods store or organic foods section in supermarket.  

(Tip: High protein breakfast helps prevent this need.)

1/2 cup low glycemic fruit or berries  


Chicken and Lentils from recipes here, plus lightly steamed broccoli with butter, and/or a green salad with extra virgin olive oil and raw apple cider vinegar. If preferred you may have Navy Bean & Sausage Repast with a green salad.