Recently I heard another nutrition scientist "speaking off the cuff," sharing some common sense, current approaches to treatment. He said that in the medical community it is prognosis that counts more and more (rather than diagnoses for patients to take to alternative health care practitioners). "A shot gun approach can work wonders when we have no diagnosis--stopping the perpetuation of toxins which cause signs and symptoms, and beginning raw materials to strengthen and rebuild tissues and organs often cures the problem and more without knowing all that's wrong," he reminded us.

Of course, those of you who have been with me for any length of time recognize this wholistic philosophy: Stop what's causing the problem (e.g. food allergy, or autointoxication from constipation or other), and give the body what it needs for healing itself, it often will do so.

This colleague added that in such cases we cannot remove toxins with toxins. A light went on. I recalled the Rx prescribed for headaches which itself causes headaches, and for which more drugs are recommended for detoxing!

I also remembered an incident in Haiti when we visited a mission there. I saw many very sad things during that trip but one sight especially remains with me. As we walked down the middle of the streets in downtown Portauprince (the sidewalks were covered by mothers lying there nursing their infants because they had nowhere else to go), I then noticed a boy about 10 years old bathing in the sewer, unaware that his bath water was making him dirtier. All the soap in Haiti would not have made him cleaner while he used that water.