"...[B]eing overweight contributes to four of the five big heart disease risk factors: high blood pressure, diabetes, high LDL cholesterol, and low HDL." (Schaefer & Altshul, Alternative Medicine News, Prevention, Dec. 2002)

And that's not all! According to a study by the American Cancer Society, as many as 18,000 breast cancer deaths annually were associated with obesity. (Cancer Causes and Control, May 2002)

The mechanism of action here is that overweight women usually have higher levels of circulating estrogen with the estrogen receptors on breast tumors being exposed to continual stimulation, explained C. Rodriguez, MD. Recall when the FDA announced that HRT, and specifically estrogen, causes breast cancer? For eons true scientists have been shouting the risks of estrogen dominance.
Look for an underlying cause, e.g. a toxic liver unable to conjugate estrogen, allowing disproportionate levels to circulate. The excess estrogen didn't all come from mare's urine, the raw material for the drug. (I couldn't convince an internist of this until he checked his Physician's Desk Reference [PDR].) Even if one is not taking the hormone or not overproducing, there are environmental problems, including pesticides the body handles as estrogen, and phytoestrogens in food (e.g. from soy).

Experts are telling us to expect a high rate of infertility such as America's 30% and climbing. In the 1930s it was discovered vitamin E complex helps increase progesterone production for that balance. (I would use a compounding pharmacist for natural progesterone, not accumulating creams.)

Real Nutrition and Health E-Zine, Vol. 2 Nr. 2, Feb. 2003