My mother used to think the little "tails" that pop up when quinoa is done, were "so cute." Quinoa is a favorite I usually consume instead of rice.

Amazingly, though it is not high in protein, its protein has all 8 essential amino acids required for producing complete protein. Only one-half cup. has approximately 23 grams of carbohydrates which become blood sugar ultimately, though it is low on the glycemic index. For the small number of people who are sensitive to gluten, it has none.
There is good fiber in quinoa. It is high in some important minerals; however, the high phosphorous phytic acid in it binds important minerals. But if you can get organic quinoa that has not been raised with commercial high phosphorus fertilizers, the phytase is much lower, and some of the minerals bound by the phytase, may be replaced. 

I haven't tried quinoa flour for sourdough bread, but if that is doable, it would take care of the phytates. If you have had success with this, write and let us know so that we can share this good information with other readers here.

There are conflicting studies to show that soaking quinoa for 12 hours reduces phytase. Soaking for 12 hours in an equal amount of beef broth in the fridge, then cooking it in more of the same, enriches and enhances the flavor of the quinoa. If quinoa flour is not organic, phytic acid is a problem.