When a family member was scheduled for oral surgery to remove two badly impacted and infected wisdom teeth, along with my pre- and post-surgical nutritional protocol, tea tree oil (TTO) enhanced the body's quick healing work before the extractions. Here is another testimonial just received:
"Recently the gum around my wisdom tooth was very sore, swollen and bleeding.  Even my jaw was swollen. I was alarmed. But I hoped it was food that had gotten below the gum and was irritating it. I swabbed some TTO on it and within 5 minutes the pain was gone and all swelling and bleeding were gone in half an hour. No problems since. Good stuff, Maynard!"
(LM, OR)

A reader of this website wrote that she was suffering intensely with an abcessed tooth; learned of TTO here; applied this healing oil for several days with a Q-tip soaked in the oil, and there has been no flare up, no more pain, after years.
Of course, TTO is also effective for countless other topical uses outside the mouth. It is available at all NFS  and nutrition centers. Not all brands are pure, organically grown, or effective. Read the label.