Some of you on the Eatin' After Eden mailing list will recall discussion there and in the book, Eatin’ After Eden, of the Japanese health issues arising as evidenced by a study(s) reporting the effects of fast-food hamburgers to their diets. In a recent study the authors mention meat and dairy products as associated with a higher risk of Alzheimer’s Disease both in the West and abroad, including Japan.1

We would not disagree that the Western diet increases Alzheimer's risk and that of many other diseases and conditions, though the causality of AD is not always that simple.2 Yet you should be aware that there are great differences between feed-lot meat and grass-fed meat. (“You are what you eat” it is said, and so are livestock you consume.)

Likewise, the effects of ultrapasteurized and pasteurized milk from cows maintained on covered concrete floors under roofs, with periodic hormones and antibiotics to treat or prevent mastitis, etc., and raw milk from naturally pastured cows in fresh air and sunshine, cannot be ignored.

When you read such reports about “meat” and “dairy,” consider that the hamburgers from fast-food restaurants the Japanese and Americans consume are not made with grass-fed beef; and the dairy foods referenced are not the raw cow and goat milks of strong health supports that we and some of you enjoy. (We make plain yogurt with ours.) We enjoy cheeses as well. Not even colds and flu have bothered us for approximately 30 and 40 years. We credit the Creator’s plan for eating and lifestyle (validated by good – not junk – science), though we are far into advanced age. We also take some common-sense precautions.



2 Mary Newport, MD, What if There Was a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease? Amazon.com. 2013. "In this second edition Dr. Newport...provides the most recent research on such topics as possible causes of Alzheimer's due to the herpes simplex virus and nitrosamine substances and how infection, inflammation and genetic makeup may affect an individual's response to fatty acid therapy."