...A secular handout for patients being tested for CVD [cardiovascular disease] and osteoporosis, advises a no-nonsense approach that supposedly will lower the risk of a host of serious diseases, including these. Of course the first way to do this, it was explained, is by being certain to lower cholesterol levels (whatever they may be).

So what was the supposed most effective way to do this? Of course, “by avoiding saturated and trans fats.” How? By “limiting the use of butter, margarine, and shortening. Patients were also advised to avoid red meat, eggs, fried foods, commercially packaged cakes and cookies, doughnuts, and French fries.” What a mixture of information and misinformation! The ill-informed might conclude all these resources are equally bad.

In the order of importance, the Greeks listed the most important first, as also here. Did you notice that first in grouping of foods to avoid were red meat, eggs, and butter, dating back to the conventional Prudent Diet still alive and well today? How subtly medics and conventional dieticians influence America's masses day after day, as our Creator's most nutritious real food is listed together and equated with the manufactured ones to be avoided.

Again, in the secular educational handout, the value of meat was diminished as a source of “bad” fat. Soybeans, “…thought to be particularly heart healthy, plus legumes, peas, and lentils are all 'good’ choices” as well, in addition to low-fat dairy, skinless chicken breasts, and egg whites or egg substitutes. (Note also the reference here is not to soy but to soybeans coupled with good beans, peas and lentils. Who eats soybeans? There is a significant difference between organic and non-organic soy though we consume neither, except for one.product occasionally. )

The superior whole egg nourishment is rejected due to fat in the yolk. Low-fat dairy, skinless chicken, egg whites only, or egg substitute—so many ways they pervert and devitalize whole and wholesome foods! 1

Did Divine wisdom not include wholesome fat in raw milk, skin on non-fried chicken, and yolks in eggs the Creator declared a good gift in Luke 11:12, 13? (Eggs are an excellent source of phospholipids our brains and cell membranes require; and include lecithin that handles the fat when not overly cooked.) Then why is the wisdom of the world (bad science vs. sound science) considered superior by so many of God’s people who “swallow it hook, line, and sinker”? In spite of years of the low fat diet, next after iatrogenic deaths (caused by medical treatment) CVD is still the number one cause of death by disease.2  

1 The sources of all this misinformation were reported as some of America’s prestigious health organizations and medical schools, and parroted by most all today. 
2 See also Death By Medicine, Null, G, et al, Life Extension magazine and online, Aug. 2006-67-87, in-depth report of scientific studies of iatrogenic related deaths in the US.

Excerpt From Eatin' After Eden, First Edition.