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The knowledge in this book, Eatin' After Eden, teaches you how you may overcome the underlying causes of disease—toxicity and deficiency—for

These are just a few of the often reported anecdotal benefits of applying these scientific, scriptural principles. "So what do we eat?" you ask. Of course that's..."


We live in an era of challenges never before experienced by mankind. Jesus Christ in His Word commanded us to continue His work until He comes. This requires healthy bodies. Yet for most, health care insurance is a must. Thirty-nine other countries are healthier than America because we are starving with full bellies. Here are some compelling facts:

  1. The Creator taught Cain the strength of living soil is of first consideration to our health and wellness. After decades of farming with only a few synthetic (man-made) chemicals, America's depleted and dead soils no longer possess the living microbes to prepare organic nutrient complexes from Biblical fertilizer for easy plant uptake. Scientific studies are revealing alarming decreases in plant nutrient levels and resulting human nourishment in just the last twenty years.

  2. Transporting, storage, and spotlighting of fresh, GMO whole foods at room temperatures in supermarkets further decrease the nutrient levels and food values. Foods are irradiated.

  3. Commercial processing of foods significantly reduces the remaining nutrients in our foods. Phytochemicals that help prevent degenerative conditions (heart disease, diabetes II, cancer, obesity) are destroyed, and additives are included.

  4. Only a small percentage of our livestock are grown scripturally (grass-fed), thus perverting the ratios and amounts of healthy fats, and other nutrients such as protein and minerals.

  5. For fifty years the conventional heart-health diet has forbidden red meat, or saturated fat it equates with trans fat. Yet CVD remains the #1 killer disease with nearly one million deaths in 2006. Others demand abstaining from all animal-source foods, regardless of how they are produced. The most critical and highest quality nutrients are therefore dangerously diminished in the Standard American Diet (SAD).

  6. Emigrants have been pouring into the US by the multiplied millions for years, bringing with them countless microbes to which Americans have no prior exposure, with weak immune systems to combat the sometimes debilitating even deadly pathogens, leaving internal parasites to "eat your lunch."

  7. Even with healthy foods, preparation, and lifestyle, today's chronic stress profoundly interferes with proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

The Creator foresaw all this and did not leave His people to fend for themselves. As revealed and explained in Eatin' After Eden - The Meat of the Word, He provided abundantly for that purpose. Yet increasing numbers of Christian leaders have rejected the diet of the Bible. They join secular groups and false religions in teaching vegan diets Scripture refers to as "doctrines of demons" prophesied for and fulfilled in these days in which we live. As a result, we are being taught to avoid the most nutritious foods created by God to be eaten "by those who believe and know the truth." Yet those who consume a godly diet usually thrive. Likewise misinterpreting and twisting such passages as 1 Timothy 4:4 and others, some Christian leaders are teaching and preaching that we may eat anything we like. God's Word tells us His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, including this crucial knowledge. The fall, the flood, and the final days of the end time are linked. Their components of good health form the Creator's comprehensive plan for eating after Eden.

In Eatin' After Eden Sylvia W. Zook, nutrition research scientist and Bible student for more than 40 years, provides this truth as she reveals the Creator's revolutionary health program for our day. She explains scripturally, scientifically, and simply why it is essential to provide suffering saints—sidelined soldiers of the cross—nutritional support for restoration and return to ministry. In plain language this riveting work of fascinating knowledge tells us the vital requirements for continued optimal health for carrying out our callings throughout our allotted days.

As a balanced work, Eatin' After Eden provides meal plans, Biblical food preparation, and delicious, healthy recipes. More importantly, it supplies simple tips for converting thousands of others that aren't.



"This is crazy!" the reader of Eatin' After Eden said to his friend Ellen. Yet Larry couldn't put the riveting book down. When he had complained about the diet his nutritionist had him on, Ellen had suggested Eatin' After Eden and gave Larry a copy. "It won't hurt you to read it," she said. For one who has never known anything but a conventional diet, the thought of eating red meat and saturated fat was mindboggling. When Larry again exclaimed, "It's just crazy!" Ellen responded enthusiastically, "It works!" and grinned. She is also excited the Gospel is included in Eatin' After Eden, presented quietly but powerfully. "It is so satisfying to be able to minister to spiritual needs and teach eating right at the same time!" she beamed.

Why Do We Need Something Different, Something More?

Yes, this book is different from the rest though some others also include the Good News; even teach a similar diet, and what’s wrong with the conventional and the Standard American Diets (S.A.D.). What’s wrong is they don’t work. When two medical doctors and two sports figures religiously following the conventional heart health diet drop dead from a heart attack (MI) within a short time, something’s is very wrong. Next we will consider the third largest diet group in America today, both world and Church.

What You Are Not Eating Can Hurt You!

You would think this would be enough for a good read, right? Eatin' After Eden also includes two powerfully revealing chapters on...

10 Reasons You Need Red Meat!

Grass-fed beef and veal, venison, moose, elk, and lamb (Jesus mentioned oxen too, and fatling calves1)---information regarding these and all the following reasons for eating red meat is included in Eatin' After Eden – The Meat of the Word. In Chapter 3 readers will learn about the highest quality protein, and of the fascinating experience of Dr. Vilhjalmur Stefansson who very successfully consumed nothing but organic, raw beef for a year under the careful eye of the famous metabolic expert, Eugene DuBois at New York's Bellevue Hospital where Dr. Stefansson lived during the study. At the end of the prolonged study there were no signs of...

1Matt. 22:4

Eatin' After Eden Book

"[In Eatin' After Eden, Dr. Sylvia Zook] translates true science and Biblical teaching into applicable day-to-day guidelines for the modern audience that seeks enhanced health in a fallen world. Many of the premature deaths that befall the western world could be averted if everyone who wanted to bestow the ultimate gift would share copies of this book with friends and family."

Chris Meletis, ND
Physician of the Year 2003 & 2009

"Regarding your wonderful book, the science is very solid and we have incorporated a number of your suggestions into our everyday diet…It makes good common sense to do so. And you can quote me on that! "

Mary Newport, MD
Author of ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - What If There Was A Cure?

Vital Choice


Our Creator laments: "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." They don't know! Eatin' After Eden - The Meat of the Word provides the knowledge you need in order to support your body's work of healing, restoration, and to maintain enhanced wellness levels.

That knowledge is this power-packed plan of the One who put it altogether in the beginning, knowing you would need it now.

Check out the and testimonies to get an idea of the exciting empowerment that awaits you. Depending upon the case, it can be dramatic!

As you begin reading Eatin' After Eden, from the first chapter on you will discover you are able to use that knowledge daily as it works to change your life from here on. In short, to make you whole.

There's no membership. It's all in one place, nothing else to buy unless you would like to give a friend, a loved one, or your pastor a copy. Physicians love this book!

If you are ready to begin this partnering with your body so that you can be available for your calling for years to come, you may order here.